Re-education Failed (I)

No chance (of survival) for Rainer Sache the priest attested him in his necrology at his funeral in Almstedt, Lower Saxony. „Because the village community then and now refused to respect, tolerate, not to mention integrate people who think and feel different,“ the priest said in his sermon. Rainer Sachse, „the queer with the plague,“ as the inhabitants called him. After many years of departure searching for happiness in the big city he returned to the village. He wanted to spend the last period of his life with his mother. But the process of decay and disintegration through the village community was faster and more effective than the virus in his body. „Hunted to death,“ said by-standers. First the emission from the only village pub. Then the attacks on his house. At night stones flew, his window panes broke. Swastikas were smeared on his house walls. They didn‘t allow him even one pause for breathing. Molestations and, above all, those glances of hate and the slogans of extermination: „Off to the concentration camp“ and similar cries the neighbours and the others sounded. Young and old, women and men, the mayor and the young shopwoman, the baker and the pub visitors. Everybody. Rainer Sachse could only escape them by locking himself into the house. For months. Until the virus finished him off. Indeed he didn‘t have a chance of survival. By hook or by crook. „The citizens‘ attacks on each other hit into the heart and create a climate in which one cannot live unprotected,“ the priest closed his sermon. Almstedt, an idyllic cottage, manure and murder pit at the same time, somewhere in Lower Saxony, Germany. With intact structures.

Translated from: Café Morgenland, Extermination mania and other German emotions

(Suggestions to improve the translation are always welcome.)

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