The decadent West strikes back

(New York City) There have been nearly a hundred attacks on gays in New York City this summer […]. Most of the attacks, in various parts of the city, resulted in minor injuries, but, in June a 32 year old gay Brooklyn man was attacked by three men who beat, kicked and stomped on him while yelling homophobic epithets. (story) Dwan Prince was in a coma for weeks following the attack. In June and July alone there were 85 violent hate crimes against NYC gays and the number has been rising almost daily in August. It is part of a disturbing trend, Clarence Patton of the Anti-Violence Project told „Hate crimes against gays jumped in the second half of 2003 and have remained high,“ Patton said. „So far this summer they are about six percent above average.“ There also have a series of racial and anti-Semitic attacks this summer but „violence against the LGBT community tends to be more severe,“ Patton said. He said there appears to be a „hunting dynamic“ common to most of the attacks where roving gangs „go looking for gays“. […] The AVP is also considering a broad community effort to combat racism and homophobia. It would include members of the African American and Jewish communities. (