Der Ernst Nolte der Postantideutschen

Nach meinem vorletzten Beitrag könnte der Eindruck entstehen, Gerhard Scheit sei der einzige BAHAMAS-Autor, der nicht mehr alle Latten im Zaun hat. Dem ist natürlich nicht so. Wer dort noch schreibt, der kann, meiner Meinung nach, nicht mehr ganz dicht sein, und fast so, als ginge es darum, noch den letzten Zweifelnden von diesem Umstand zu überzeugen, hat Uli Krug laut KF-User LEftist in der Offline-Ausgabe das folgende historische Urteil gefällt:

Der politische Islam ist „…die reaktionärste[n] Ideologie des gesamten letzten Jahrhunderts“ (Uli Krug: „Hofierte Amoral“, S. 6).

Hiermit ist es also offiziell und für alle Kinder-Zombies dieser Zeitschrift auch schriftlich niedergelegt, dass der Nationalsozialismus von der BAHAMAS aus seiner Rolle „des absolut Bösen“ (Horkheimer/Adorno) entlassen wurde.

Welche Überschriften uns wohl in der nächsten Ausgabe ins Haus stehen? Vielleicht etwas in der Art wie: „Das Kopftuch — ein Auschwitz der Seelen“? Oder gilt eine solche Gleichsetzung jetzt bereits als islamrelativierend? 8-}

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Doughnut Boy Andy 28. Oktober 2005 um 12:17 Uhr

    Now I am very confused.

    What exactly does post-antideutsch mean? As far as my atlas is concerned Germany still exists.

    What is that quote about and in what context? Is it a suggestion that political Islam is national socialism in a continual form perhaps?

    And the most confusing is that there are people out there who run out and buy Bahamas hot off the presses so as to read it through and post half quotes on the web! Amazing stuff.

    To be fair I havent read the magazine for ages now as the shop nearest to me that sold it doesnt anymore so perhaps I am missing something. The whole „debate“ and manner in which it is being conducted sucks though I think. But perhaps there is a good reason?

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 lysis 28. Oktober 2005 um 14:15 Uhr

    The Bahamas is not an anti-German magazine anymore, since it focuses exclusively on Islam. Not the descendants of the Nazis, the German Auslander-hunters, are target of their invectives but Muslim immigrants instead who are called barbaric and told to assimilate into „civilized“ German society. How could someone who thinks of himself as „anti-German“ subscribe to such an agenda? This is pure nonsense! The truth is that there is no anti-German movement among Germans any more. They have become ultra-Germans, virtually indistinguable from those they once made the object of their polemics. Nowadays they even outstrip the average German bitch in matters of racist scapegoating. They battle a „multicultural society“ and defend the German „lead culture“. Therefore I simply call them „post-antigermans“.

    I don‘t know why they still cling to the term „anti-German“. But the reason seems to be rather strategic: they ride on a label that was popular in the 1990’s when the majority of the German population was sporting the incineration of immigrants. However, they have scrapped all of its former content to a degree that the name proper has become the exact opposite of what it is made to denote.

    As for the quote: it actually says that political Islam is worse and more reactionary than national socialism. It cannot be interpreted otherwise. But this does make sense if you know that the Bahamas has taken to scapegoating Muslim immigrants instead of polemicizing against Germany as a post-Nazi society. Their demonstrations do not lead through German villages and districts where „Auslanders“ are hunted, but to city quarters with a majority population of immigrants and non-Germans. They even advocated burning mosques, albeit in a somewhat veiled vocabulary, and they defended the Italian neo-Fascist Oriana Fallaci when she threatened to set fire to illegal refugee camps.

    For me the editors of the Bahamas are a political enemy, and I don‘t know why I should conduct this „debate“ in a courteous manner considering what they say and stand for. The content of this magazine is too disgusting to stay sober and factual.

    And if you have read them, you know how they are wont to treat their political opponents: with smear-campaigns and denunciations.

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 Doughnut Boy Andy 29. Oktober 2005 um 11:51 Uhr

    hmmmm. Thanks for the good answer, let me think about this for a bit.

    BTW I saw this today in the Times:,,1065-1847764,00.html

    Its about homophobia in the UK, general violence and even Ratzinger… very strange article but perhaps youll be interested.

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