Dschihad im amerikanischen Klassenzimmer

… müsste diese Story eigentlich heißen, wenn sie so reißerisch-blöd wäre wie die rhetorischen Künste der meisten Postantideutschen. So aber handelt es sich bloß um einen stinknormalen Befund über die alltägliche homophobe Drangsal an einer durchschnittlichen US-Schule im Jahr 2006, der keineswegs nur erklärtermaßen lesbische und schwule Jugendliche ausgesetzt sind. Und glaubt mir: die Verhältnisse an deutschen Schulen werden sich davon kaum unterscheiden…

(Cazenovia, Wisconsin) A 15-year old charged in the Friday shooting death of his high school principal was angry that the man and others at the school had failed to stop classmates from bullying him court documents allege.

Principal John Klang, 49, was shot in the head, leg, and torso and later died in hospital. Eric Hainstock is charged as an adult with murder.


According to court papers filed late Friday by the prosecutor in Sauk County Circuit Court Hainstock told police after he was taken into custody that students regularly bullied him — calling him „fag“ and „faggot“ and rubbed up against him.

The documents say that the teenager told police he was so frustrated that Klang and teachers would do nothing to stop the harassment he decided to arm himself.


The 15-year old was enrolled in a special class at the school for emotionally and behaviorally disturbed students. Teachers say that he excelled in art and last year had been selected to participate in a districtwide art contest.


Hainstock is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Monday. If convicted he could face life in prison.

It is not known if the teen identified as being gay. Experts in bullying say the sexuality of a bullying victim is not important — pointing to studies showing the wide impact homophobic bullying has on students.

One study, released in April to coincide with the National Day of Silence, showed that three-quarters of students surveyed across America said that over the past year they heard derogatory remarks such as „faggot“ or „dyke“ frequently or often at school, and nearly nine out of ten reported hearing „that’s so gay“ or „you‘re so gay“ — meaning stupid or worthless — frequently or often. (story)

Over a third of students said they experienced physical harassment at school on the basis of sexual orientation and more than a quarter on the basis of their gender expression.

Nearly one-in-five students reported they had been physically assaulted because of their sexual orientation and over a tenth because of their gender expression.

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