Ultraorthodoxe Spinner

Fundamentalists across the religions have more in common with each other than they do with liberal members of their own religion.

--Rabbi Jeremy Rosen

Die Meldung ist schon etwas antiquiert, aber sie hat mich erst heute erreicht. Vielleicht sollte ich mal öfter meine Inbox bei delicious leeren …

Haredis1 take on WorldPride Parade: In protest of the 2006 WorldPride Parade, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on August 10, hundreds of letters, advocating „death to Sodomites“, were distributed to Jerusalem mailboxes on Tuesday morning. They promised NIS 20,000 to „anyone who brings about the death of one of the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.“

The letter appeals to residents of the capital: „don‘t let them teach our children their impure ways.“

The anonymous letter also suggests using Molotov cocktails against marchers and adds instructions as to how to make them at home. The explosives are nicknamed „Shliesel Special“, in honor of the Haredi protester who disrupted the Jerusalem Pride Parade last year by stabbing three marchers.

The letter goes on to say, „During this parade, 300,000 corrupt animals are anticipated to march through the holy city of Jerusalem, waiting avidly for the chance to put themselves on display before our children and our sacred Torah. They will try as hard as they can to defile as many of our innocent children as they can.“


While denying responsibility for the violent letters, the Haredi community has distributed formal flyers in protest of the parade. The flyers contain implicit criticism of Shas as „representatives of religious parties trying to appease the international storm regarding this issue by negotiating to change the location of this defilement to Tel Aviv.“

The flyers, hung all over the neighborhood, appeal to the Haredi community as well: „anyone with the ability to do so has the duty to do everything he can to smash the jaws of evil in any way that he can.“ The document was signed by the leading rabbis of the Haredi community.

  1. Haredi oder Charedi ist die Bezeichnung für ultraorthodoxe Juden. [zurück]

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