The Sources of Bigotery

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Harte Zahlen belegen: Solange der Homo-Lebensstil nicht gestoppt wird, ist Aids-Prävention sinnlos.

Woher kommt eigentlich dieser notorische Zwang katholischer Fundamentalisten zur Beschäftigung mit (und Entwertung von) Homosexuellen?

Hierzu ein paar harte Fakten. Nummer 1:

During 1990, Rev. Thomas Crangle, a Franciscan priest in Passaic, N.J., mailed a survey to 500 randomly selected priests. Of the 398 responses, about 45% said that they were gay. […] However, as Father Donald Cozzens has written: „Beyond these estimates, of course, are priests who remain confused about their orientation and men who have so successfully denied their orientation, that in spite of predominately same-sex erotic fantasies, they insist that they are heterosexual.“

Nummer 2:

A psychology professor in Georgia says his research demonstrates that denied homosexual urges may indeed drive some people to violence. Henry E. Adams of the University of Georgia in Athens tested the theory by administering an „Index of Homophobia“ test to 64 men between the ages of 18 and 31. The men were then shown explicit erotic videos of heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian sex while hooked up to a device that measures arousal by tracking changes in penile circumference.

Those identified as homophobic were more aroused by the homosexual videos than by the heterosexual videos. Those identified as nonhomophobic were more aroused by the heterosexual videos. […]

„The body doesn‘t lie,“ said Adams. „The homophobes despise the fact that they get aroused by men and they deny it.“ In a yet-to-be-published study, Adams will report that homophobes grew anxious, hostile and aggressive after watching gay erotica. (The nonhomophobes did not.)

After the initial tests, he introduced another designed to determine whether those identified as homophobic would actually inflict pain on gays if given the chance.

His subjects competed with opponents identified as gay or straight. The winner got to deliver a minor shock to the loser.

„Sure enough,“ said Adams, „homophobics shocked the hell out of the person they were told was gay and they didn‘t to the guy they were told was heterosexual. I am not sure what it means, but when homophobics get aroused, they do get angry, hostile and violent.“

Jetzt bitte 1 und 2 zusammenzählen!

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Zoe 24. Mai 2007 um 20:32 Uhr

    Nicht aufregen. Das die bei einen an der Klatsche haben, sollte sich doch langsam rumgesprochen haben, oder?

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