Fix und Foxi vs. Obama

Nicht nur Lizas Welt, auch die BILD-Zeitung mag Obama nicht: rechter Schmierenjournalismus auf Fox-Niveau.

3 Antworten auf „Fix und Foxi vs. Obama“

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 ascetonym 27. Juli 2008 um 11:41 Uhr

    Auch eine dazu passende Meinung:

    Nope – sorry NObama – your speech did not impress me one bit. it just further proved to me that a.) you are a liar, b.) you will vacillate on every position possible for political expediency, c.) you are a true socialist with marxist and communist beliefs, and d.) you are not right for this country.


  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Different 27. Juli 2008 um 12:37 Uhr

    „you are a true socialist with marxist and communist beliefs“

    Schön wär’s.

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 Schatten Kontrastieren 27. Juli 2008 um 13:52 Uhr

    „Is there any doubt he’s also not a racist?“

    „The only real ally we still have left in Europe is England – and – they are heading down a true path to appeasement and socialism themselves. It won’t be too long before they too are swallowed up and over run by Islam.“

    „As we all know, the global warming issue is a socialist cause and mantra used by the government elite and the U.N. for further taxing the people.“

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