Thomas Jefferson’s „liberal“ approach

In a peculiar twist, Thomas Jefferson [1743 – 1826], a man who is usually noted as a[n] enlightened voice in American history, drafted a proposed revision of Virginia’s laws. In it, he specified that the penalty for sodomy among men should be castration, and for women, a hole should be cut in the nasal cartilage [dt. „Nasenscheidewand“] of at least one half inch in diameter apparently in the belief that torture was preferable to the death penalty. Jefferson’s proposal was unique not only because it specified mutilation as a punishment, but because he broke with the English tradition and included women in his definition of sodomy. Fortunately, Jefferson’s „liberal“ approach was never made law.


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    this slaveowner also wrote this:

    „You know, my friend, the benevolent plan we were pursuing here for the happiness of the aboriginal inhabitants in our vicinities. We spared nothing to keep them at peace with one another. To teach them agriculture and the rudiments of the most necessary arts, and to encourage industry by establishing among them separate property. In this way they would have been enabled to subsist and multiply on a moderate scale of landed possession. They would have mixed their blood with ours, and been amalgamated and identified with us within no distant period of time. On the commencement of our present war, we pressed on them the observance of peace and neutrality, but the interested and unprincipled policy of England has defeated all our labors for the salvation of these unfortunate people. They have seduced the greater part of the tribes within our neighborhood, to take up the hatchet against us, and the cruel massacres they have committed on the women and children of our frontiers taken by surprise, will oblige us now to pursue them to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach.“

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    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between disciplinary society and control society. Welcome (back) to the 18th Century:

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    oh, welch ein zufall! damit wollte ich mich demnächst auch mal etwas gründlicher beschäftigen.

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    danke für die links!

    HIV denialists — oy vey!

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