Bruce LaBruce’s great new Agitporn Movie: „Otto; or, Up with Dead People“

And there you can watch an interview with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce.

Exit Polls …

Key statistical voting groups for Obama (52.6%):

  • Black: 95%
  • Liberal: 88%
  • Jewish: 76%
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bi: 70%
  • Hispanic: 66%
  • Aged 18-29: 65%
  • Working-class: 59%
  • Female: 55%

Key statistical voting groups for McCain (46.1%):

  • Conservative: 78%
  • Mormon: 76%
  • Protestant: 59%
  • White: 55%
  • Rural: 52%
  • 60 and older: 51%
  • Male: 49%

Vgl. auch Türkische Wähler: Wo die CDU unter fünf Prozent liegt.

The (Anti-)German sickness — a view from the outside

CrimethInc, an anarchist zine from the U.S., on the formerly „anti-German“ islamophobic left:

It would be nice to stop at the conclusion that the Anti-Germans have simply been provoked by their enemies into thoughtlessly adopting contradictory positions, but the fact that they have crossed into nationalism and borderline racism suggests something more insidious: that in setting out to resist fascism, they have been infected by it, perhaps as a result of the same German predispositions they aim to oppose. In studying their example, we can recognize the importance of developing a nuanced critique of power relations, but we are also reminded of Nietzsche’s dictum that those who do battle with monsters must take care lest they become monsters themselves. (via)

Edit: For further discussion see negative potential…!

On the Critique of Human Rights

From this specific insight, we should move on to the general level and consider the problem of the very depoliticized humanitarian politics of „Human Rights“ as the ideology of military interventionism serving specific economic-political purposes. As Wendy Brown argues apropos of Michael Ignatieff, such humanitarianism „presents itself as something of an antipolitics — a pure defense of the innocent and the powerless against power, a pure defense of the individual against immense and potentially cruel or despotic machineries of culture, state, war, ethnic conflict, tribalism, patriarchy, and other mobilizations of instantiations of collective power against individuals.“ […]

What happens to Human Rights, then, when they are reduced to the right of Homo sacer, of those excluded from the political community, reduced to „bare life“ — that is to say, when they become useless since they are the rights of those who, precisely, have no rights, are treated as inhuman? Here Rancière suggests a very striking dialectical reversal: (mehr…)

Growing number of hate sites in the Netherlands

Statistik rechtsextremer Websites in den Niederlanden

This chart clearly demonstrates that anti-Islamic sites have increased to the same extent as right-wing extremist sites; on the whole, right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and racism in the Internet have risen alarmingly. (via)

However, I‘d really like to know more about ‚vrijspreker‘ sites. Are these right-wing libertarian hate sites like they exist in the German blogosphere?

Schwarzfahrer (with English Subtitles)

Pepe Danquart’s Oscar-winning short film (Berlin):

Orientalism and Sexual Rights

It is in the realm of the emergent agenda of sexual rights that made its appearance in the United States and other Western countries in the late 1960s and began to be internationalized in the 1980s and 1990s that talk of sexual practices in the rest of the world, including the Arab world, would be introduced to the international human rights agenda and would be coupled with notions of „civilized“ and „uncivilized“ behavior. […] In the course of such „international“ human rights activism, two prime victims of human rights violations in Arab countries emerged and/or were created: women and „homosexuals.“ While the premodern West attacked the world of Islam’s alleged sexual licentiousness, the modern West attacks its alleged repression of sexual freedoms. The horror of „honor“ crimes taking the life of a quarter of all women murdered in Jordan, for example, would take a life of its own with special reports on American television networks and popular books by alleged native informants. Yet no special television program on U.S. networks investigated the fact that at least one-third of all women murdered in the United States are murdered by their boyfriends or husbands. Nor were these comparisons made when exhibiting real and imaginary Arab „honor“ crimes for television viewers.

From: Joseph A. Massad, Desiring Arabs (Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2007), 37.

With Islamophobia against Homophobia?

Angelus Novus, who unfortunately has paused his blog for a while, took the trouble to translate the text „With Islamophobia against Homophobia?“ (originally German) into his native English. I‘m really grateful for that! Here is a short extract:

In classical Arabic there is no word for a „gay,“ and nonetheless it is not an exaggeration to state that almost half of all classical Arab love poems were composed by male authors for persons of the same sex. This was not even viewed as objectionable by pietists — although they considered anal sex a grave sin. When the Morrocan scholar Muhammad al-Saffar visited Paris in the 1840s, he noted with wonder: „Flirtation, romance, and courtship for them take place only with women, for they are not inclined to boys or young men. Rather, that is extremely disgraceful to them.“

Viewed from this standpoint, it would seem to be an irony of history that Arab and Turkish Muslims of all people have to be the ones to suffer in order to allow Europeans to represent themselves as tolerant advocates on behalf of the very „homosexuals“ whom they have brought about and sorted out as a distinct „minority“ through a centuries-long process of normalization in the first place.