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Fuck you

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Bahamas relaunched

Bahamas 1/10

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My interests according to del.icio.us

My interests according to del.icio.us

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Digg Dialogg with Brüno

Digg Dialogg with Bruno

Stupid Mormons

„When the comedy writers for South Park produced a gross portrayal of [Latter-day Saints‘] Church history, individual Church members no doubt felt uncomfortable. But once again it inflicted no perceptible or lasting damage to a church that is growing by at least a quarter of a million new members every year.“ (Source)

for linux users only

OMG, wie nerdig muss ich mittlerweile sein, dass ich solche Sachen witzig finde!?

Drogenparadies ADF

Hey, ihr Hübschen: Hugs, not Drugs! ♥

Lachnummer Sarah Palin

Die besten Hockey-Mum-Clips auf Saturday Night Live: 1234